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Airselfie AS2


Airselfie AS2

Drone that takes selfies

Selfie drone

AirSelfie AS2 is a serious cool gadget. It’s a selfie drone you can throw up in the air and it then takes picture of you.
The selfie drone has 4 small motors and works by throwing it in the air and controlling it via your smartphone.
The control itself is incredibly easy, as you control by pressing arrows on the phone. When the AirSelfie drone is in the position, tap the screen above the arrows and the drone will take a picture. The screen above the arrows shows the image of what the drone is filming.
AirSelfie also comes with a power bank so you can charge the drone in 30 minutes.
In addition to being well-designed, AirSelfie is also fun and practical. The drone is especially effective if you have to take selfies of a group at a party.

Airselfie specifications:
5 Megapixel HD camera that takes social media optimized images.
4 turbo propelles.
Weighs 61 grams / 2.8  ounces
Made of lightweight aluminum.
Own 2.4 GHz wi-fi network.
Sensors that provide stable images.
4GB micro SD memory card.

More info / Price: 193 $

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