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Alpha Brain

Brain booster alpha brain

Effective brain booster

We are bombarded daily with thousands of impressions through our phones, tablets, computers and work. Whether you like it or not, it can be a challenge for the brain. And it may be contributing to more people burning out with stress.

If you feel your brain need some more power, try Alpha Brain.
Alpha Brain from Onnit has been tested and proven to give you a sharper brain. Podcaster Joe Rogan uses Alpha Brain and reports that he is thinking clearer and have better focus
Tim Ferriss, who is known for testing a lot of things on his own body for optimization, is also a big fan of the product.
In addition to becoming more focused, there are also many users experiencing lucid dreaming. So you can control your dreams.
Whether it works equally effectively on everyone is not certain. But Alpha brain gets a lot of praise.
The owner of Onnit Aubrey Marcus, has also written a book called Own the day, Own your life that is about starting the day well, becoming more efficient and generally having a better life.

More info / Price: $ 95.00 - $148.00

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