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Boot Buddy cleaner

Outdoor Sports

Boot Buddy cleaner

Device to clean mud of your football shoes

Football boot cleaner

Boot buddy is a smart device that can clean your football boots when you have been out playing in the mud.
The inventor of Boot Buddy Arminder Singh Dhillon was the youngest person to recieve backing in Dragons Den, the british version of Shark Tank. He invented Boot Buddy when he was only 15 years old.

Boot Buddy is formed like some sort of fish. A tail in one end and a brush in the other end. You can take the tail of Boot Buddy and pour water in it. When you clean your shoes with the brush, the water comes out of the brush making it easier to clean the mud of your shoes. The tail can be used as a plastic pick to take big chunks of mud of before using the brush.
Boot Buddy is easy to bring with you when you are going to football practice. And you can of course also use it for your rubber boots etc.

More info / Price: 19.99 $

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