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Bose frames audio sunglasses

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Bose frames audio sunglasses

Sunglasses with built in headphones

Sunglasses with built in headphones

Bose is known to produce quality soundsystems like loudspeakers and headphones with noise cancelling. But now Bose also have produced sunglasses with audio built in them.
The sunglasses are like any other sunglasse, but the built in audio is not like headphones that Bose normally produce. The difference is that with Bose frames you don’t put something in or over your ear. The music comes out of the sunglasses just beside your.
You might think other would hear the music and get annoyed when you are in public, but that’s not the case. Only you can hear the music, but at the same time you can also hear your surrounds. So it’s almost like having a soundtrack while going about your business. Perfect if are cycling and for safety reasons, want to able to hear what’s going on aroiund you.

More info / Price: 199 $

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