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Bug a salt 3.0

Cool For the home Fun Gadget

Bug a salt 3.0

Salt gun for killing flies

Take out the bugs in a fun way

What’s more annoying than having a fly in your bedroom when trying to sleep? Maybe hemorrhoids.
Anywho. With Bug a salt 3.0, you can take out the annoying buzzing fly instantly in a fun way.
Bug a salt is a gun that shoots salt at the bug and putting them down.
All you have to do is put regular salt in the gun, load it and shoot the little annoying things.

Upgrade from bug a salt 2.0

Bug a salt 3.0 is definately an upgrade from 2.0. In the review video below you can see that bug a salt 3.0 has a heavier “salt fire” than 2.0 and the 3.0 version is also not as heavy and smaller in size, making it easier to handle.
If you wan’t to own a Bug a salt 3.0 you can get one on Amazon.

More info / Price: 44.95 $

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