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Cooking with Sous Vide


Cooking with Sous Vide

Sous vide machine

Get the most tender steak with Sous Vide

Most men can agree that there is nothing better than a really good steak.
Sous vide is a method used to get really good and tender meat. The method has so far been mostly used by restaurants. But with the cheaper Sous Vide machine, now everyone can cook a good steak with Sous Vide
The machine works in a way that you put the meat in a sealed bag. Then you put the bag into the water when the temperature is correct. The result is insanely tender meat.
Sous Vide gives the meat the perfect texture and you do not have to press it constantly to feel if it is enough.

Only your imagination sets the limits with Sous Vide

Cooking with sous not only have to be with a good steak. There are a lot of recipes you can use. You can prepare fish, scallops, chicken, vegetables and even make scrambled eggs in the machine.

Sous wide is really slow food, but worth waiting for.

More info / Price: 79.99 $

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