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23 gadgets you cannot live without

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23 gadgets you cannot live without

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Gadgets can make life more fun, easier, more convenient, or just entertaining.
With this list, you get 59 gadgets you can’t live without.

1. Selfie drone

Drone that takes selfies

Air Selfie is a clever drone you can use to take selfies. This gadget is easy to use. You just throw it up in the air and control it with the corresponding app for the smartphone.
On your smartphone, you can see the image the selfie captures. When you are ready, press the button and the drone takes the picture. Perfect for taking photos for parties or when on vacation.

More info / Price: 169 $

2. Laser Keyboard

Keyboard that projects on a surface with laser

With this gadget you don’t need a real keyboard when working on your labtop or tablet.
It’s a laser keyboard that projects on any surface. The keyboard is projected with a small device that’s easy to bring with you when travelling.

More info / Price: 59,99 $

3. Lifeprint

Most of us take many photos with our phone and store them on it, or in the cloud.
But sometimes you may miss the old-school way you had printed pictures to sit and flip through.
With Lifeprint, you can quickly print your images. It is also possible to make the pictures as stickers, so you can, for example, put them on the refrigerator, or in an album. Like in the good old days.

More info / Price: 149,95 $

4. Keysmart keychain

Keychain holder where you fold the keys

Keysmart is as you probably can guess a smart keychain. Instead of having your keys in a big bundle the keys are folded inside the keysmart so you don’t have to have a huge key pile in your pocket. Very practical.

More info / Price: 19,99 $

5. Language Translator

Gadget that can translate 106 languages

It is far from all the countries you travel to where you can get by in English.
And it can be a bit difficult when you can’t use your phone to find your way and have to local people who doesn’t speak english.
With this language translator, you can translate from 106 languages when travelling.

More info / Price: 199 $

6. Useless Box

Box that opens and closes itself when you press the button

This box is completely useless. So the name is very correct.
Even though it is useless, there is still something fascinating about this box.
Useless box works by pushing a button to the side and then the box opens and a stick comes out that pushes the button back while the box closes again. This box will either drive you mad, or fascinate you.

More info / Price: 12.99 $

7. Sitpack 2.0

Transportable telescope chair you can sit om

Sitpack is a clever invention that allows you to rest your legs wherever you are.
Sitpack is a folding chair. The chair has a telescopic rod with a non-slip end and a device on the other end that you can sit on.
Sitpack is perfect for traveling, festivals, hunting and waiting for the train or metro.

More info / Price: 49 $

8. Zepp football sensor

Football tracker

Zepp football sensor, is a gadget that hopefully will make you better on the football field. The sensor works by putting the tracker down in the leg rail and with the included app, you can after the match see the analysis of how well you played.
It measures your speed, how the pace varies during the football match, the number of shots and the speed of the shots and how long you have been active.

More info / Price: 67,97 $

9. Kitchen Safe

Are you addicted to sweet things, cigarettes, your phone? Or maybe you use your Visa card too much? Whatever you are addicted to, you may be able to fight addiction with Kitchen Safe.
Kitchen Safe is a smart box that you can put the tempting stuff into and lock the box x number of hours or even days depending on how long you think you can stay away from what you are hooked on.

More info / Price: 69.90 $

10. Beard Apron

When you trim the beard, the beard stubble often is lying all over the zink and making a mess.
With a beard apron, you avoid the mess that comes with trimming your beard.

More info / Price: 8,59 $

11. Thug Life Glasses

Sun glasse that looks like the glasses from thug life

If you watch the youtube videos Thug Life, you know what these glasses are.
Thug life glasses as you see at the end of the videos, you can now also get in real life.

More info / Price: 10.99 $

12. Flyboard

Board that moves you on the water

A flyboard might the funniest thing you can bring to the beach. The board propels you forward by pressing water through the hose and out of the Flyboard.

More info / Price: 3.995 $

13. Chillbo Shwaggins

Chillbo Shwaggins is an inflatable lounge sofa that is very easy to carry anywhere.
It’s very light and doesn’t have to be inflated. You simply fold out the couch and pull it to the side. Then it will be inflated in seconds. You can easily bring Chillbo Shwaggins with you in the park or on the beach.

More info / Price: 39.90 $

14. Uuni Pro

Outdoor oven that makes pizza

Uuni Pro is a woodfired pizza oven that makes your pizza in only 20 seconds.
It takes about 20 minute to heat up. The pizza oven reaches 500°C – 932ºF like a real pizza oven and that’s why you can make your pizza so fast.
With this pizza oven you can create smoky and tasty pizzas in your garden in no time.

More info / Price: 599 $

15. Beer Pong Robot

Beer pong robot that moves while you play

Beerpong is popular because it is a great way to enjoy yourself while drinking beer.
But if you want to make this drinking game more popular, you need to get Pongbot. Pongbot is a beerpong robot that moves as you throw the ball towards it. Pongbot has room for 5 mugs and is equipped with sensors so that it does not run of the table.
Besides driving around, you also have the ability to remote control the cups so they rotate while the robot is driving.

More info / Price: 44.97 $

16. ADcase

Airbags for smartphone

ADcase is something as clever as an airbag for your phone. This smart gadget for the phone is equipped with 8 pins that unfolds as soon as you drop the phone. That way your phone will never be smashed. Furthermore it just looks relly cool when you drop your phone and the pins unfold.
ADcase is still in production and the inventor is raising capital for it via Kickstarter but you have the opportunity to sign up for the newsletter and get notified when it is ready.

More info / Price: No info

17. Mighty Mug

Mighty mug is a mug you cannot knock over. The mug is designed so that if you are clumsy you will not spill your coffee. You might think that there is a suction cup in the buttom? But that’s not the case. You can pick up the coffe mug with no problems. Perfect if you wan’t to avoid coffee anywhere than in your coffee mug.

More info / Price: 29.89 $

18. Pulled Pork Claws

Claws to make pulled pork

Pulled pork can become a bit of a mess when you have to stand and peel the meat apart with forks. It is far better and much cooler to use a pair of pulled pork claws.

More info / Price: 11.99 $

19. Heated Butter Knife

Heated knife that warms up butter for easy spread

If you like real butter, you also know it can be hard to spread on the bread when it comes out of the fridge. The heated butter knife called THAT! will heat the butter for you using your body heat. So the knife doesn’t use any batteries and doesn’t need to be recharged.

More info / Price: 19.95 $

20.Russian Roulette Ballon Gun

We all know Russia roulette. But hopefully most of us haven’t tried to play the real game. If you would like to play Russian roulette anyway, you can now try it without getting hurt. This gun has no bullets, but instead a balloon that pops at random. The gun is a festive feature for any party.

More info / Price: 44.97 $

21. Speak Out

Funny game

Speak out is the funniest game of the year and will surely give you a lot of laughs when you play it. The game is very simple. All players are given a mouthpiece. Almost as you know it from movies when you have to have your teeth whitened.
You are then divided into two or more teams. You take turns to take a card and then you have to read the text on the card with the mouthpiece.
At first it sounds easy, but it is difficult to pronounce words when your mouth is open. Remember napkins because it creates a lot of drool.

More info / Price: 13.94 $

22. Perfect Drink Pro

Drink weight with app which makes the perfect drink

Making the perfect drink is not always easy. With the Perfect Drink Pro, you can make the perfect drink.
Perfect Drink Pro consists of a weight as well as an app you can use when making drinks. The app says how much and what to pour in the drink. The weight notifies you when you’ve poured in enough. If you have to pour too much in, the weight automatically adjusts how much of the other ingredients to pour.

More info / Price: 91.56 $

23. Phone Soap

Box that cleans your smartphone with uv light

A recent study has shown that your phone is actually more dirty than a public toilet.
Few people realize that. But your phone is a bacteria bomb. So it is a good idea to clean it regularly.
There is also a gadget that can clean your phone instead. Phone soap is a box you can put your phone in while you put it to charge. When you close the box, the phone is cleansed by an ultraviolet light. It may sound like a smart gimmick, but Discovery Channel has actually examined Phone soap and found that it removes all the bacteria.

More info / Price: 39.89 $

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