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Jäger Bomb Shot Glasses


Jäger Bomb Shot Glasses

Shot glasses with room for both jägermeister and red bull

2 in 1 glasses

If you have to make Jägerbombs for all your guests, it gives you a lot of cleaning with all the glasses you need. Not to mention everything that needs to be dried up the next day. The solution is Jägerbomb’s glass.
A Jägerbomb glass, is a glass that is divided into two parts. In the middle you have room for your Jägerbomb and outside there is room for red bull.
As you drink the drink, the jägeremeister and red bull get mixed up. That way, you avoid all the hassle of throwing a shot glass into a larger glass.
This pack of Jägerbomb glasses comes with 100 disposable glasses.

More info / Price: 14.99 $

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