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Kitchen safe

Food For the home

Kitchen safe

Boks with a timer lock to lock up sweets etc.

Lock your temptations away

Are you a little too fond of cakes and sweets? The solution is Kitchen safe.
Kitchen safe is a safe for your cakes. The kitchen safe is equipped with a timer that you can set to unlock whenever you want. But choose the time carefully, because once you’ve set the timer, there’s no going back.
So if you have an addiction that you find difficult to manage, Kitchen safe can help you control it better, whether you are a little too fond of sweet things, try to reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke, or just constantly have to check your phone.
To use this gadget, simply unscrew the lid and set it to open whether it is in two hours or two days.
If your addiction is very strong, you can start by setting the timer on Kitchen Safe for half an hour and increase the timer evertime.

More info / Price: 69.90 $

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