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Kopi Luwak coffee


Kopi Luwak coffee


Kopi Luwak is said to be the world’s best and most expensive coffee. And you don’t really understand that, when you know how the cofee is mad. The coffee beans of Kopi Luwak are picked up by the animal Asian palm civet who eats the coffee beans.
Once the coffee beans have come out at the other end, they are shredded and roasted for coffee.
The process that happens in Asian palm civet, makes the coffee bean very special and gets a very special taste. And not in the bad way.
Copy Luwak is being promoted on Sumatra, Bali, Java and Sulawesi. The coffee became even more famous in the movie The Bucket List with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson.

More info / Price: 65.99 $

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