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drink clean water from anywhere

Get clean water wherever you are

If you are a real outdoor survival type and have already acquired Bear Gryll’s survival equipment, then it is also absolutely necessary that you can get water wherever you are outdoors.
LifeStraw is a water purifier that allows drinking from puddles and creeks and lakes without getting contaminated and dirty water in the body.
LifeStraw has become extremely popular in the 3rd world countries where it is difficult to access clean water. And this is also why it was invented.
The water filter cleans 99.9% of the bacteria, uses no batteries or electricity. However, the filter needs to be replaced occasionally. Though it is possible to drink 1000 liter / 264 gallons before you need to replace the filter.
Lifestraw is so effective that a guy tested it by filtering and drinking pee with good results. That’s what you call a great review.

More info / Price: 11.99 $

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