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Light therapy glasses

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Light therapy glasses

Man using light therapy glasses

More energy during the dark month with light therapy

The winter can be tough to get through. Some lack energy and others become depressed with seasonal affective disorder when it’s dark all the time.
You can buy a light therapy lamp you can put in front of you to get some extra light. But we all know what happens to that lamp. You get tired of having to sit and stare at it every morning and eventually it ends up in a drawer.

If there was just another solution now? The solution is called Luminette 3.

Luminette is a pair of glasses that give you artificial light in the eyes.
But you don’t just have to sit and stare at that light. The sun therapy glasses are designed so that you can, for example, watch television while getting light in the eyes. That way, it doesn’t feel like a boring duty to get light therapy.
And you can get ready in the morning while wearing your glasses. A very effective way to prevent seasonal affective disorder.

More info / Price: $ 179

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