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Magnet fishing kit

Fun Outdoor

Magnet fishing kit

Magnet, rope, hook and gloves for magnet fishing

Find treasures on the bottom of the sea

You can other things than fish in lakes and in the sea. With a Magnet Fishing Kit, you can see if you can catch some lost treasures in the water.
You may risk catching some bikes and shopping carts before finding the right treasure, but you can probably find many interesting things.

As you can see in the video, there are examples of people who have pulled jewelry, weapons, coins and many other strange and exciting things out of the water. So if you like going treasure hunting, magnet fishing can be an interesting way to use a sunday.

The magnet is very powerful. 300lbs 2.36 Inch Neodymium. So unless you catch a sunken oil tanker you should be all right.

More info / Price: $ 35,99


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