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Pavlok Shock Clock

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Pavlok Shock Clock

black shock bracelet and battery

Change your bad habits

Bad habits like overeating sleeping in, smoking and lying on the couch are really hard to change. The Pavloc Shock Clock may help you change your habits.

The Pavlok Shock Clock is probably named after Ivan Pavlov who was a Russian physiologist. Ivan Pavlov gave dogs treats while ringing a bell. After a while when he rang the bell without giving the dogs treats, they began to drool because they associated the ringing bell with food.
Pavlok Shock Clock works in a similar way. The difference is though that instead of a treat you get a shock when you perform a bad habit, learning your brain to associate the bad habit with pain.
You put the clock on your wrist and everytime you smoke or perform another bad habit, you press the button on the watch and it will give you a shock. The Pavlok Clock comes with an app where you can adjust the power of the shock you get. So if you wanna quit heroin, you migh wanna set the power at 100%.
The founder of Pavlock Clock claims he stopped his obsession with nachos by using the clock.

More info / Price: $ 149.99

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