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Outdoor woodfired pizza oven

Food For the home Outdoor

Outdoor woodfired pizza oven

Outdoor oven that makes pizza

Make professionel pizza in your yard

Uuni Pro is a professional pizza oven you can have standing in your yard.
With the oven, you can make a crispy pizza in just 20 seconds. The pizza oven is wood fired and takes only about 20 minutes to heat. The pizza oven reaches 500°C – 932ºF like the real pizza ovens and so the pizza should have no more than 60 seconds before it gets a crispy bottom and a delicious surface.
Your pizza will definitely be better than your local pizza pusher. You can fire both with Wood, charcoal, wood pellets or gas.
On the door there is a thermometer so you can see when the oven is hot enough. The oven can hold 2 pizzas at once and it is also possible to bake bread, as well as prepare other foods.

More info / Price: 599 $

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