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Larw water bottle that cleans itself using UV light

Self cleaning water bottle

Avoid bacteries in your water bottle

To make sure we stay hydrated, many bring a water bottle to work or to the gym. A good idea as you tend to eat more if you are not hydrated. The problem with water bottles though is that they are packed with bacteria. And most water bottles are also difficult to clean properly.

Germ free with UV light

Larq is a self cleaning bottle that cleans itself every 2 hours. Like Phone Soap it uses UV light to remove the bacteria from the bottle.
In the bottom of the lid there is a UV light that goes of every two hours cleaning the bottle making sure you drink clean water.
Larq also have a button on the top of the lid you can press cleaning the bottle immediately.

The Larq water bottle keeps water cold for 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours using double wall insulated stainless steel construction.

More info / Price: $ 95.00 - $148.00

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