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Üllo Wine Purifier


Üllo Wine Purifier

Ullo Wine Purifier

Avoid Wine Hangovers

It is nice to drink a glass of wine or two after a hard day at work. But the work day after can be even harder if you are hit by wine hangovers. The reason why you can feel bad the next day, even if you do not drink a lot of the red stuff, is because there are sulfites in most red wine.
Üllo Wine Purifier, purifies the red wine from sulfites and prevents you from getting the dreaded red wine hangover the next day.
Üllo Wine Purifier works very simple. You put it on top of the red wine glass and pour the red wine through the filter. The purifier should then remove the harmful substances and prevent the hangover the next day.

More info / Price: 59.99 $

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