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Useless box

Fun Gadget

Useless box

Box with no purpose other than fun

Box with no practical purpose whatsoever

Useless box, may be the most stupid and useless invention to date.
However, the name also suggests that you cannot use it for anything. The invention is called Useless box.
The box has a button on top that you can push to the side. When you push the button, the box opens and there is a stick that clicks the button back so the box closes again.
So the only thing that happens when you turn the button on is that the button is turned off again.
Even though Useless’s box is pretty idiotic, you can’t smililing when you see it for the first time because, in its uselessness, it is actually quite cleverly invented.

If you have a less gifted friend you want to make insane, a Useless box is a perfect gift.

More info / Price: 13.48 $

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