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Wireless Endoscope


Wireless Endoscope

Endoscope for smartphone

Investigate the places you cannot reach

Is your drain clocked and would you like to see what the problem is? Is there a mess with the car, but you can’t get to where the strange sound comes from? Maybe you have dropped your keys in a sewer and of course want them back. You can use an endoscope for thet.

What is an endoscope?

The wireless endoscope for smartphone can help you investigate things you might not normally can get to.
An endoscope, is a long cable with a camera at the end that allows you to see, for example, what is clocking the drain up.
In addition to having a camera you can see on the smartphone, the endoscope also has a small hook and a magnet that you can put at the end, allowing you to grab keys or coins you lost in otherwise inaccessible places.

More info / Price: $ 35,99

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