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Zippo hand warmer

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Zippo hand warmer

Hand warmer that lasts 12 hours

Keep your hands warm in 12 hours

If you have ever been to an outside sport event for hours in cold weather, you know how cold your hands can be even if you are wearing gloves. Generally some people just have cold hands and then a hand warmer comes in handy.
Besides making lighters, Zippo also produces hand warmers. And a very effective hand warmer. The Zippo hand warmer can be used for 12 hours.
The zippo hand warmer is easy to use. Simply put the fuel in the hand warmer with the funnel that comes with the Zippo. Wait 10 seconds and light the hand warmer with a lighter or a match. Now your hands are warm for the next 12 hours.
The Zippo hand warmer also comes with a small bag you can put it in so you don’t burn your hands on the metal.

More info / Price: 13.95 $

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